Kamisha and Andre Wedding

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Day filled with so much happy emotions that the couple could not contain their joy and expressed it so the world could see it.

shoe KamAndre-25 KamAndre-24 KamAndre-22 KamAndre-21 KamAndre-20 KamAndre-19 KamAndre-18 KamAndre-17 KamAndre-16 KamAndre-15 KamAndre-14 KamAndre-13 KamAndre-12 KamAndre-11 KamAndre-10 KamAndre-9 KamAndre-8 KamAndre-7 KamAndre-6 KamAndre-4 KamAndre-5 KamAndre-3 KamAndre-2 KamAndre Kam&Dre K&A-9 K&A-5 K&A Groom decor Bride bride make up bridal party

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